Useful tips for Moms!


Useful tips for Moms who feel frustration when your child goes to use bathroom for the first time or you might not know how to start. These tips can be very helpful!

• Remember it will take time and patience (about 1-2 weeks)
• Buy any incentives that can act as motivation for example; Super Heroes Stickers, eatables like Cheerios, M&M’s, Fruit Snacks, Goldfish, keep on hand to use at the right time
• A Timer
• They believe they are independent, keep extra underwear inside the bathroom (In case of accidents)
• Do not make the mistake of going back to diapers when you know they are ready to use potty!
• Take your child to the bathroom every 30 minutes even if they say they do not want to go potty. You have to keep the frequency of 30 minutes as a child’s bladder is small and can not hold much urine

Girl: Have her seating for at least 7-10 minutes. Read a book and show her the pictures of the book or just wait for the timer to keep her mind busy or allow her to hold the timer. Remember always to keep her mind occupied

Boy: Have him seating or stand 7-10 minutes. Have him throw Cheerios or goldfish into the water. Encourage to aim at the Cheerios or goldfish


Your body language needs to show them that will be ok. Demonstrates relaxation and do not get upset if they don’t succeed every time you take them to the potty or if they wet their clothes. Always use positive language as good job! Maybe the next time you will! Remember to use incentives when they have success. Good luck!! Let this be a pleasant experience.

I hope this tips can help you and your little one

What tips or ideas do you have to share with our readers? How was your experience? Tell us!

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  1. My son was definitely easier to potty train than my girls. We kept a little bowl of Cheerioes in the bathroom, and he would toss, aim, and hit. He loved the game.

    For my girls, we purchased special “potty” books that could only be read in the bathroom.

    The new slip-on diapers have been so helpful for training my 3-year-old. We are not rushing her, but she loves getting a mini Kit Kat and a sticker on her Chuck E. Cheese calendar for each success. When she goes 14 times, she can take her calendar to Chuck E. Cheese for 10 free tokens.

    Potty training is a process. I’m looking forward to the day when I get to bypass the diaper aisle. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yay!!! I am very happy for your success in potty training your kids!! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing tips, i love the Chuck E Cheese idea! I’m sure it would help so many Moms! ;)

  2. It’s been awhile, thankfully! I remember our oldest son was easily bribed with M&Ms, which was great! Our daughter was stubborn at first, so we backed off and let her set the pace…and then she was potty trained in a few days. The youngest was a piece of cake–he just did it almost on his own! I may miss the toddler days, but I don’t miss potty training! ;-)

    1. That’s really cute!!! Thank you for sharing! ;)

  3. It has been 30 years since I had to worry about potty training anyone, but I suppose I better brush up on it since I might be helping grandkids make that transition in the near future. Thanks for reminding me LOL…btw…does anyone know how “the potty” song goes?

  4. We did the M&Ms but then dd decided she just didn’t want to bother. I didn’t want to make a big issue, but she had been doing g so well. Then we started offering 2 to try and 5 if she used it. Occasionally she would sit on it just to get candy, but it was only 2 so I wasn’t worried. We still keep a tube of mini M&Ms, but about half the time she goes she doesn’t want them. She’s 2 and we haven’t had any accidents in a few days!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I think the idea of using the cheeries or gold fish is cute and will encourage him to think it’s a competitive game.

    1. I’m glad you like my tips. Good luck! ;)

  6. After training 2 girls, I have learned to push the potty training as soon as they have an interest in it. My second child showed an interest in it when she was fairly young, probably 18 months or so, but I didn’t encourage it because it wasn’t a “good time” for me. When she turned 2, I decided it was time, but I had missed the window. She was against it and it turned into a power struggle. Now my 3rd girl is 18 months old, and you can bet all the little potties are out and ready for when she shows an interest.


  7. I am trying to potty train 4 at one time. Talk about frustrating. These are some great tips! Wish me luck :)

    1. I admire your braveness Because you have 4! Make a chart with their names one slot for each. Make a race each time one of them have success move their sticker or car one spot closer to the finish line. Make a friendly competition between them. ;)

  8. Good tips. Thankfully, I’m years past this issue but my son was a breeze to potty train. I guess some kids are easier than others. Good luck!

    1. That’s true! ;)

  9. Every 30 minutes? Whoa! I’ll keep those tips in mind for when my time comes. I agree with the use of relaxed and positive language.

  10. My friend has found success with potty training her boys by using toilet target decals of trucks that they could aim at. She bought them on etsy and said they were truly a lifesaver.

  11. Great advice. I was really awful with the toilet training. I was type A personality all the way! I bought two different potty chairs as I wasn’t sure which one was better. I bought the toys to give to him after he went. Then I felt bad when he wanted one of the toys and I wouldn’t give it to him.The whole thing just felt bad to me, I know I was doing it on my timeline– not his. The other kids in his daycare were potty trained and I didn’t want to look like the loser Mom who couldn’t get it done. When I took me out of the equation and backed off, he did it on his own and life was much better. I waited a lot longer before I started potty training my daughter and we had a much better experience!

    1. Carla, thank you for sharing your experience. I hope others moms can benefit from this tips and dont feel frustated. It takes a little extra patiens and creativity.

  12. Excellent timing! I’m about to potty train my youngest and these are great reminders. I have a 12 and 13 year old which I potty trained years back so I’m a bit rusty but this helped me put things in perspective again. Great post and so grateful you shared it!

  13. My biggest tip is, if they are not ready, don’t push it! I’ve read that kids who are trained before they are ready end up taking LONGER to fully potty train (night time), Plus, it will be a lot less stressful on you AND them!

  14. I had 3 boys then a daughter. So far my daughter has been more difficult to potty train than the boys. She knows and understands, however has been refusing. Eventually she will get it, just feels like forever.

  15. I have 3 daughters and the potty training has been different for each one of them… I will go with Renee@Addicted2saving and say that if they are not ready, don’t push them!! Let your babies be babies!!! :-)

  16. Great tips! Potty training can be so intimidating, but if you have a plan it’s so much easier!

  17. My son and daughter were as different as night and day when it came to potty training. I had to read a whole stack of books waiting for my daughter to go, and practically follow her around with the potty chair. With my son, it was like magic. One day, and that was it. Now he tells me when he needs to go and accidents are very rare. Thanks for the tips. I find jelly beans are especially motivating!

  18. Oooh, not looking forward to doing this with my B/G 21 mth olds. My boy is ready – he knows when his diaper is wet and when he is going, he knows the signs, he knows what the potty is for, he’s dry in the morning, etc. BUT he can’t walk yet (premature 3 months and lasting effects), so we can’t start yet. But, I’m sure it’ll be full of fun when we do! :)

  19. Great tips. I think my best advice is waiting until they are ready. I waited longer than many of my friends to start potty training, and both my kids were a breeze – fully trained within a week with no frustration.

  20. Potty training can be so hard! I don’t have kids of my own but have watched my nieces and nephews go through it. It takes patients and a plan but it’s worth it! Thanks :)

  21. I don’t have children but I have lots of friends that are in the potty stages with their kids. These are fantastic tips and I will be sharing this with all of them. Maybe will help them out a little with the frustrations I hear about. Love the cheerios target, it always makes giggle. I think some big boys need to do that to for some better aim. ;-)

  22. I’m past the potty training stage right now with my Little One. However, I’ll have to pass this along to my sister who is currently training her son and finding it difficult. Great advice! I’m sure she’ll find this helpful.

  23. Potty learning is always something that frustrates moms. Your tips are very sound as they reaffirm the concept of consistency. Do not put them back in diapers – very key point. When your child can point or voice the fact that they need a diaper change, they are ready.

    My first son needed gum as an incentive. When one method doesn’t work be open to something else. i.e. I first tried stickers but it was gum that finally did the trick.

    Never ever ever yell at a child for wetting their pants. This is so sad and I know in the past this was common place for parents. Children usually don’t do this on purpose and do not want to upset you in anyway in fact they want only to please you. Positive words, attitude and encouragement and acceptance on your part will go a long way in making this a positive experience for your child.

    I think making it special by taking the child to the shop to buy special big girl or big boy pants and getting rid of diapers will help signify that they transitioned from ‘diapers’ to using the toilet on their on.

  24. Some great advice! My experience is that each kid is different. Some will want to potty train and get excited about it, others…not so much. Patience is so important. And letting them know it’s okay when they have an accident. It’s just a part of learning how to! :)

  25. I actually had an easier time with my twin girls than with my son, but that’s because he was first. I rushed him to potty train because I knew the twins were coming soon, and he just wasn’t ready. When my girls were ready, they let me know, and I did it one at a time. It was a whole lot easier!

  26. These are awesome tips! I don’t have any kids of my own but the tips you’ve listed just make good sense, especially not putting them back in diapers. I can see how that would be counterproductive. My favorite is having the boy aim at the Cheerios :-) the times that I HAVE dealt with small kids, I’ve definitely learned that you need to make just about everything a game in order to keep their mind going and make it fun. Great post.

  27. Potty training can be tough! I’ve trained my son and daughter, and I would agree with all of the suggestions above. For those mommy’s out there currently training little ones, don’t lose hope. It’ll happen. Just have patience and a good strategy! :)

  28. Great advice for Moms because this can be quite a stressful situation. Just enjoy the season of your kiddos and don’t stress to much. It will come and this too shall pass soon. Have fun with every moment!

  29. Thanks for the advice! My son is 2, so we’ll be potty training soon!

  30. Such good advice!!! I started potty training my daughter a couple of months ago and it turned out well!! It’s a long process but I can’t wait until she’s fully potty trained!

  31. I am potty training my 2 year old right now. Arrrgh! We are using a potty chart, a little bite of chocolate (sixlet candy) and once the potty chart is filled up, he gets to pick a toy from a reward box. Potty training is tough and I am really ready to be done with it!

  32. I’ll share this post with my mommy friends! ;-) CARPE DIEM

  33. We’re in the potty training phase right now too… She’s ready. She was ready almost a year ago. {She’s 3 now.} But I’m so busy every day, it’s my fault – I don’t really commit to teaching her. I need to get on it – so thanks for the tips!

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